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Society speaks daily through its dresses, its clothes and its suits. And whoever does not know how to listen to it in this sense, goes through it blindly.
Umberto Eco, Escritor

El proyecto

The Circular Project is a pioneering project in the world of sustainable fashion due to its holistic approach when it comes to comprehensively working on fashion as part of a whole: social, ecological and economic and working from different fronts: dissemination, training, communication its implementation in all sectors.

A project around organic and responsible fashion made in Spain that is framed within the Economy of the Common Good (*) that seeks to spread the desire for collaborative work and awareness of the environment, through fashion that is differentiated by Ecodesign. exclusive, local production, a taste for local commerce and an immense love for the Planet on which we live.

With its name it alludes to the Circular Economy because we are looking for a fashion whose materials at the end of their life can be integrated back into Nature without causing any harm, which are reused, recycled and optimized.

The Circular Project Shop is a space for sustainable fashion in Madrid and is the first store in this city specialized in the marketing and dissemination of Sustainable Fashion and Ethical Fashion with the aim of favoring and promoting it, supporting ecodesign in all its aspects from manufacturing for sale both physically and online, to its communication and dissemination in all areas. It is a sustainable fashion store with clothing free of labor exploitation, manufactured in Spain and resulting in conscious fashion.

In this sustainable fashion store in Madrid, brands united by the desire to transform the industry towards a sustainable model that is more respectful of people and their environment coexist. All of them have been approved to offer the client traceability and the guarantees of fair, sustainable and ecological trade.


*Download our audited Common Good Report and our Common Good Balance Sheet.

The Team



  • PD 13

    Paloma G. López

    CEO The Circular Project

    Graduate in Journalism UCM and expert in Business Communication IART, she is alma mater, owner and Founding CEO of The Circular Project, a comprehensive sustainable fashion project that is framed within the Economy of the Common Good and that goes beyond the simple act of market fashion. At the same time, she is president of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid, a group created with the intention of creating the conditions that help new brands to establish themselves and grow. Her experience in sustainable fashion, the result of years of effort and intense field work, has earned her the Good Practices award in the Value Chain category from the Cepaim Foundation.

  • ambau_ini

    Iñigo Dehesa Villasante

    CFO - The Circular Project

    Computer Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Master in Banking and Financial Markets from the University of Cantabria and Master in Financial Management and Controlling from the IEBS.

    After 10 years working in a financial institution and one year as financial director of an SME, Iñigo Dehesa created his own financial management company AMBAU FINANZAS, financially supporting small and medium-sized companies.

    At The Circular Project she manages the financial department, helping to make the sustainable fashion project economically viable in an ethical manner.

  • Luis Fernando Cervantes

    Desarrollo Web

    Engineer in Digital Graphic Design, Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation.

    Collaborator in projects for the environment and social awareness in Spain, the United States and Mexico.

    With more than 12 years of experience in web development and UI/UX design, he contributes to the maintenance of our platform for the correct functioning of the site.

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